The Stars at Oktober Bend

Glenda Millard

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Rednock School

When I read this book at first I wasn't excited by it but then after a while, when I got into the b. . .
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Addey & Stanhope School, London

I just finished The Stars at Oktober Bend, it was a really good book. My favorite part was the begin. . .
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Exeter Cathedral School

Stars at Oktober bend I would not recommend. The fact that Alice does not use capital letters and M. . .
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Exeter Cathedral School

I loved this book and I also like the way the book (when narrated by Alice) it had no capital letter. . .
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Max Prevezer

Dame Alice Owen's School Library

I thought the Stars at Oktober Bend could have been a great book with a strong plot and deep charact. . .
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Thomas Clarkson Academy, Cambs

This book really grabbed our attention by the fact that "Oktober" is spelt with a "K". When Alyc. . .
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Rodborough Readers, Surrey

This book was really confusing and it wasn't the easiest to read, but on a happier note it had a go. . .
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Witty Wath Reviewers, Rotherham

I hoped that the book would have been as interesting as it seemed on the front cover. However, I was. . .
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St Albans High School for Girls

I quite liked this book, because it was written from the point of view of a girl who experienced a t. . .
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Exeter School, Devon

The more I think about this book, the more problems I have with it. While reading it I thought it wa. . .
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