Peet with Meg Rosoff

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Wilmington Grammar School for Boys

Beck was a very 'interesting' read. The story was very dark and at times, slightly depressing. How. . .
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The Park Community School, Barnstaple, Devon

So far this is the most challenging and uncomfortable reads on the shortlist for me. I found it a d. . .
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I thought it was a really good, well written, insightful tale into the journey of a mixed race boy a. . .
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Mrs B

Stockport School Carnegie Readers

Going into this I really wasn't sure what to expect. Early reviews seem to be focusing on the inapp. . .
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Wymondham High Academy, Norfolk

Beck is an intriguing, enthralling, and heart warming story with areas of uncertainty and unease. Th. . .
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Mrs Hirst

St Edward's Senior School

I have mixed feelings about this book. I am cross that a book in this age-range is in the shortlist. . .
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Mrs Brett

Tadcaster Grammar School

Read this first due to the 'warning' letter. Not sure who this book is aimed at, too old for KS3 . . .
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I thought this was a very great book that contained lots of good detail and used a style of writing . . .
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St Joe's Carnegie Cavaliers

A sort of Bildungsroman as we watch Beck develop. The plot is linear in that it tells us Becks journ. . .
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A harrowing book that that describes the scarred life of a boy who doesn't understand love because . . .
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