The Ghosts of Heaven

Marcus Sedgwick

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Manchester Academy

The introduction to this book is about human evolution, about 4,600 million years ago Earth was made. . .
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King Alfreds Academy, Oxon

This book was 4 separate stories, taking place in different times, all to do with spirals, wrapped i. . .
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TGS BookMunch , Surrey

This is fast paced and the spiral concept cleverly connects all the stories together. I found it hi. . .
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The Chilton Title Trackers, Somerset

The Ghosts Of Heaven is a thrilling story. It can be read in any order and is amazing. At some point. . .
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Trinity C of E School, Kent

I found The Ghosts of Heaven very interesting. I liked the arrangement of the book, how it was split. . .
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George Spencer Academy

I rated this one a yellow because I like two of the story I like two and three and the other two ar. . .
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Aston's Avid Readers!, Birmingham

This book challenges in a way to think of the meanings deeply, to understand the stories you have to. . .
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Eckington School

The Ghosts of heaven is in a way a book about life they show this by using spirals saying you only s. . .
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This is an amazing book by Marcus Sedgwick. There are 4 stories which can be read in any order and a. . .
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Saint Martins School

This book was probably my least favourite out of all of the eight books. The separate stories were e. . .
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