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Sir Roger Manwoods School

Wed Wabbit, despite the childish cover has a great plot. The story is so interesting and unique. The. . .
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Mrs Parr

Appleton Readers

A very funny, entertaining book aimed at younger Carnegie readers. Loved the idea of toys taking ove. . .
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Bournemouth School Library

Wed Wabbit is ideal for young readers who enjoy fictional and easy to read stories. It very interest. . .
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Glossopdale School, Derbyshire

Wed Wabbit is an extremely intriguing book and I really enjoyed it. Fidge, our main character, gets . . .
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Loreto College

Wed Wabbit is an ideal book for readers aged 9-12 in my opinion. It is about a girl called Fidge ( s. . .
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Andrew R

Ermysted's, North Yorkshire

I did not like this book. I found it rather boring and very childish, and I also thought the plot wa. . .
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Abbeyfield School (Chippenham) Elite Readers , Wiltshire

This was a confusing book but very funny and enjoyable. However, I personally feel the ending could . . .
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Georgiana West

Abbeyfield School (Chippenham) Elite Readers , Wiltshire

It was a good book but I felt the ending was very sudden and felt it needed more work I also felt it. . .
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Witham St Hughs Academy

This book was hilarious. I would definitely recommend it to other people as it is a brilliant read. . . .
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St Bede's Inter-Church School

I enjoyed this book. It had an exciting plot that kicked in very near to the start, so it pulled me . . .
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