The Smell of Other People's Houses

Bonnie-Sue Hitchcock

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Meridian Readers

Personally, at first I thought that the book had a slow start and at times I found it a bit confusin. . .
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Oakham School Shadowers

I really enjoyed this book and it has been one of my favourite books I've read so far. I particular. . .
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Nailsea School Book Club

Written from the point of view of various characters, the book relates many touching stories interli. . .
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St Robert of Newminster RC School and Sixth Form College

A personal favourite for me in terms of types of books, are those which are told from multiple narra. . .
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Watson's Wordsmiths

This is a very intriguing book because of the name. The beginning was slightly ominous and I couldnā. . .
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Watson's Wordsmiths

I really enjoyed this book. I found it extremely interesting to see how each of the characters' pat. . .
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Watson's Wordsmiths

'The Smell of Other Peopleā€™s Houses' is a very interesting, unique book because of the fact that. . .
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Caludon Castle School

I think that The Smell of Other People's Houses is a book that explores multiple people's views of. . .
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Exeter School, Devon

This is a fascinating book which, as the title suggests, give an insight into the lives of very diff. . .
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Sir Harry Smith Community College

I expected to love this book, to find everything about it brilliant... I was left very disappointed.. . .
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