The Stars at Oktober Bend

Glenda Millard

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The Stars at Oktober Bend is a great example of how your feelings about a book can change as you rea. . .
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Alex Parkin

Ecclesbourne School

The Stars of Oktober Bend is an interesting book. It has many different elements which intercept eac. . .
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Ecclesbourne School

This book was ok but lacked EVERYTHING. It is so boring it takes forever to read and doesn't make s. . .
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King Alfreds Academy

This book is beautiful yet so confusing. The story's main characters are Alice and Manny. Alice had. . .
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Long Stratton High

What really annoyed me about this book was the fact that it didn't have any capital letters when Al. . .
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King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Girls, Birmingham

Coincidentally, 'The Stars at Oktober Bend' was one of the books that I'd been most excited to re. . .
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Kings College Carnegians

I found this book really enjoyable and easy to get into once I sat down and actually focused on read. . .
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Skegness Grammar School Brilliant Bookworms, Lincolnshire

This was a very interesting book. I feel I really got to connect with the main characters, Alice and. . .
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Mrs Davis

The Portsmouth Grammar School, Hampshire

I found this book quite difficult to get into at the beginning, as it felt a bit fragmented and I wa. . .
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St Helen and St Katharine

This book is mainly about Alice who is a 15 year old girl who is stuck at the age of 12 by a traumat. . .
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