The Rest of Us Just Live Here

Patrick Ness

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Gobstoppers, London

I enjoyed The Rest Of Us Just Live Here because I liked how the book told the story from the kids on. . .
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TGS BookMunch , Surrey

Poor score for this one from me 47/70. It deserved a place on the shortlist but certainly not a w. . .
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Inbetween the Lines, Somerset

This book was my second favourite book- I truly love the work of Patrick Ness! I liked the interacti. . .
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Aston's Avid Readers!, Birmingham

This book is a book you should read this is really good I got my niece to read it she said its ok th. . .
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Brentwood County High School, Essex

Patrick Ness' novel: "The Rest Of Us Just Live Here" is set in modern America, inside a town in t. . .
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The Chilton Title Trackers, Somerset

I think that The Rest of Us Just Live Here is a great book. I found it quite hard to get into but I . . .
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Trinity C of E School, Kent

The Rest of Us Just Live Here, by Patrick Ness is an unusual and engaging book, with a complicated p. . .
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Trinity C of E School, Kent

This book was an interesting read. I think it was hard to get the book started but as the story prog. . .
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King Alfreds Academy, Oxon

I really enjoyed this book as it was interesting, easy to read and well-written. I especially liked . . .
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Ansford Academy, Somerset

The book is hard to get into but when you do it steadily gets more exciting as you go along. It'. . .
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