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Ecclesbourne School
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Our Group meets on Tuesdays and is run by Mrs Smith and Mrs Henry. There are lots of newbies in this year's group but they are really keen and gewtting down to the reading very well.

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Judge East Midlands: Tracey Frohawk

2001 was the start of an amazing adventure for me; I became a school librarian and the joys it has brought me are second to none. The highlight of my career was winning the Best School Library in Northamptonshire 2010/2011 as my hard work and dedication had been recognised and appreciated by our local School Library Service - Learning Resources for Education; who ran the initiative.

I like to think of myself as quirky and passionate always encouraging and inspiring students to read, I have been fortunate enough to invite Stormtroopers to an event in my school Library and have also been lucky enough to run a 'TopGear' event for World Book Day; spending the day with 'The Stig' who was an ideal Library user - he was VERY quiet! Okay, so don't get too excited, the students had to race a toy car around the school Library and collect 'Stigs' from the books... I have a feeling I may have been duped because I'm sure I didn't get to meet the real Stig!

Starting my second year as a judge coincides with my second year at Weston Favell Academy; both roles complement each other as I am using the knowledge and experience I have gained as a judge and sharing it with my students; inspiring and engaging them with my passion about reading and also my tales of meeting so many astonishing authors, illustrators and wonderful bookish people. I truly feel honoured to be a part of the oldest children's book awards in the country and making history with my fellow judges!