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Meltham Library and CE School
Group Leader: Miss Barnden

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Judge Yorkshire & Humber: Alison Cassels

I was a passionate reader from my early years but realised I could work with books as a career on a work experience placement at a primary school. To keep me busy, they asked me to sort out the library and I thought "I could do this all the time!" I've now worked in libraries for over 35 years in Cambridgeshire, Hampshire and currently in Wakefield. I've done a wide variety of jobs but I've always loved working with children ever since the day I first read "Harry the Dirty Dog" to a Storytime group. I don't know if they were hooked on storytelling by this experience, but I was.

My job title of Library Officer for Reading involves everything covered by the SC Universal offer for Reading including stock selection, promotion and reader development for both adults and children. I particularly love anything that involves talking about books, from author visits to Readers groups for all ages, so I'm very excited to have this opportunity to take part in a national book award.

Being a Carnegie and Greenaway judge in their 80th and 60th anniversary years will be an enormous privilege and pleasure.