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Group Leader: Ms Tarrant

Group Status: were reading awesome books

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Judge Eastern: Ruth Parsons

I can't remember life before books. Thank you, parents. One of my earliest memories is Peter Puffer's Fun Book. In it were a friendly steam engine, a map in the front, and the thrilling rescue of some ducklings from Mr Fox. I still love books with travel, adventure and characters I want to meet. My father took me on library visits. Luton library had a fountain at the entrance, which I adored. At five I was happily reading alone, as well as writing my own reading scheme - Ruth's Book of ABC - for my friends. At school, my teacher told me to put down Anne of Green Gables so I could show that I could read Puffing Billy. I wanted more from books than this dull steam engine, and said so.

My school library was always a second home. I even worked there in my year off after A-Levels. I studied English, and became a secondary school teacher. Then, two years ago, I went back to my first love, becoming a library assistant in our large and thriving local high school.

I love helping readers find the perfect book for them. Whatever you enjoy, there's an author who shares your passion. Ready for something new? There are books that will stretch your imagination. Our Year 7 groups love discussing the books on the Carnegie shortlists and choosing their favourites.

Thank you, YLG Eastern Region, for choosing me to represent you on this great reading adventure.