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What Cool Books @WCB Library
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What Cool Books (Wellington College Belfast) Reading Group Our Reading Diary In our reading group we have Chris Millar, Rachelle Montgomery, Emily Graham, Claire Crawford, Claire McNamara (me) and Daniel Kennedy. We all love reading and are glad that every week we join up and just talk about books. We are all aged between 12-14 and so can understand each other and find it easier to get on with everyone because we are all close in age and we like the same type of books. We all have favourite reads. Here are some of them: Emily loves 'War and Peace' at the moment because it has real characters and is very descriptive. Chris's favourite is 'The Edge Chronicles' because it is very unique and is a good fantasy series. Claire C likes the Harry Potter Series because there are lots of twists and spells and it is very imaginative. Daniel enjoys reading about myths and legends because they are different and interesting. Rachelle likes 'Blind Beauty' by K.M Peyton because it is a story about how a girl connects with a horse in an emotional way. And my favourite is 'The Enchanted Horse' because it has one or two twists and is mostly about animals and is all about believing in something so strongly that it comes to life. We are all looking forward to shadowing the Carnegie Medal. Adam Miskimmin has just joined us. His favourite read is 'My Swordhand is Singing'- "keeps you gripped until the end."

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Judge Northern Ireland: Maura Farrelly

I grew up in the worlds created by Enid Blyton, Arthur Ransome, and E Nesbitt. Summer holidays were spent in libraries, or playing out the adventures of the Famous Five and the Walker children with my brothers.

Joining the library profession meant not having to leave those worlds completely behind. I have been a librarian now for almost 30 years and I love it! I have worked mainly in education: in several schools, for the Schools Library Service, and in Academic libraries and have always loved meeting readers of all ages.

After 13 years in Queen’s University, where I worked for Special Collections and the Arts & Humanities team, I was delighted to be appointed as College Librarian for Victoria College, Belfast in January this year. I am responsible for libraries on the Junior and Senior sites, and am also in the enviable position of having a Prep department to look after. With a nursery school also on site, I work with children from the age of 3 right up to 18. This gives me plenty of opportunity to indulge in my love of picture books as well as children’s and teen fiction.

Having avidly followed the Carnegie and Kate Greenaway awards each year, I feel so lucky to be a part of the process this year and look forward to reading many great books!