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Stanley library
Group Leader:

Group Status: We are a group of 6 year 5 pupils from East Stanley School who meet in Stanley library

A new group of 10 yr 5 pupils are shadowing this year and will add a photo and some info about themselves before Easter.

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Judge North East: Jennie Hillyard

Despite working outside of public libraries in my career as the Librarian at the North of England Institute of Mining and Mechanical Engineers, my interest in Children's Literature has continued throughout my life. I was lucky enough to study it as part of my English degree at Newcastle University and found it fascinating to look at picture books from a critical perspective for the first time. My dissertation for my MA also reflected my position: "Adults Reading Children's Fiction in Public Libraries" after discovering the embarrassment a number of my friends felt at continuing to borrow children's fiction as adults.

I continue to benefit from Newcastle University's public lecture programme thanks to the Children's Literature Unit and Seven Stories.

I enjoy working with children and young people when they visit the Mining Institute and our special collections and seeing their reaction to the history within the building. I have been able to stay connected to the world of Children's Fiction thanks to YLG North East and their events and I am also currently chair of CILIP North East Regional Members Network.

I was overjoyed to be asked to be part of the judging panel for the Carnegie and Greenaway awards; it has been a dream since I discovered that ordinary librarians judge this prestigious award. I am looking forward to having a valid excuse for spending large portions of my time reading for the next two years!