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Our Year 7 & 8s meet weekly through the year to argue about books - we have strong opinions! The 2007 shortlist is very exciting. In June we'll meet with other schools to discuss our favourites. Our Year 6s are looking forward to field-testing the Greenaway books in one of the local First Schools.

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Judge South West: Hilary Gow

Reading is one of my favourite things. I have always been entranced by the magic world that a good book allows you to enter, but I never imagined I would work in a library or that I would one day be a Carnegie Greenaway judge. However, after having a family and doing many odd jobs (including renovating pianos) I had the fantastic opportunity of working as a library assistant at Bournemouth University in 1990. They sponsored me to do a part-time PG Diploma in Information Management. In 1998 I got a job in Bournemouth public libraries as a Community Librarian and spent my first week persuading the Fire Service to send an engine and some firemen along to a children's event where we were going to make a fire engine out of cardboard boxes. In September 2001 I was seconded to Bournemouth's first Surestart Children's Centre where I spent a happy 5 years reading stories to families before returning to Bournemouth Libraries as their Bookstart and Early Years Librarian. Over the past 11 years I have worked with all ages of children and young people aiming to encourage and perpetuate their love of reading. I do feel a bit apprehensive about the number of books I will be reading over the next few months but I am also very excited about it. I wonder what the other judges will be like and which winners we will choose.