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Buffalo Soldier


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Fortismere, London
To start I think that this book was a gateway to seeing life as a slave and blac. . .
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Mrs Hart
Kimbolton School, Cambridgeshire
What an amazing story. I had tears in my eyes at times whilst at others I was ra. . .
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Miss Burkett
Ribston Readers,
Informative, realistic, unique and the true definition of brutal. This book tau. . .
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Fortismere, London
At the start of Buffalo Soldier, you know nothing about any of the characters. H. . .
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St Bedes Inter-Church School ,
This book was interesting and eventful; plot twists were regular. This book foll. . .
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Mrs Barber
Stockport School Carnegie Readers ,
The cliché 'never judge a book by its cover' is one to remember with this book. . .
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Ms Russell
Saint Martins School,
This is an absorbing read, difficult in places as you follow the life of Charlot. . .
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Ashlyns School, Hertfordshire
This is a gripping and tragic tale detailing the struggles of Charlotte, a slave. . .
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Fortismere, London
Buffalo Soldier is a brilliant and revealing book. At the beginning you don't k. . .
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Holsworthy Community College,
You're in the army. Your job- to track and kill Native Americans. Buffalo Sol. . .
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