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The Middle of Nowhere


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Anisah Mahmood
Valentines High School, Essex
Book review for carnegie Book: The middle of nowhere Author: Geraldine McCaugh. . .
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Tiree High School, Argyll
I liked this book because it was set in Australia and it is a story told by and . . .
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Beaufort Co-operative Academy, Gloucestershire
This book was a very exciting and thrilling book to read. It was one of the mor. . .
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Roehampton Readers,
Comity Pinny lives in the middle of nowhere - at a tiny telegraph post in the Au. . .
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Colonel Frank Seely School, Nottinghamshire
This was a very good story and very interesting. It expresses the true identity. . .
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Joseph and Lisandr
This book, from the start I predicted that this book was going to have no action. . .
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Truffle Hunters,
I read the book called the Middle of Nowhere. The book is based in Kinkindele . . .
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Aylesbury Grammar School, Bucks
I had high expectations for this book, and it really failed to deliver. The star. . .
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Tatum Hidalgo Mendelson
The Bourne Readers, Dorset
I didn't like this book and couldn't finish it, because I thought the book did. . .
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When I began to turn the pages of this calm looking and tranquil book, I knew it. . .
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