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Liar & Spy


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Away with words,
When seventh grader Georges (the S is silent) moves into a Brooklyn apartment bu. . .
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Rebecca and Anais
Hawarden HS Page Movers, Flintshire
This book is about a boy called Georges who moves to a new block of flats. He me. . .
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Beaufort Co-operative Academy, Gloucestershire
I did not enjoy this book because, I found it quite boring. Most of the time its. . .
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Kirkburton Middle School, West Yorkshire
I really liked Liar and Spy because the ending has a great twist! The story line. . .
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The Holt School Carnegie Readers,
I enjoyed this book quite a bit, and the idea of this book is very original. How. . .
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The Holt School Carnegie Readers,
I thought that this was a really good book, especially because it's so easy to . . .
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Canons High School, England
Liar and spy was a very good book, for many reasons. The first of which was the . . .
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Megan Cross
The Deanes School, Essex
Liar and spy is a book written by Rebecca Stead, that tells the story of a young. . .
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Jami Chowdhury
Ysgol John Bright, Conwy
Liar and Spy is a coming of age type of book.It's set in Brooklyn,New York and . . .
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Lymm Lights, Cheshire
I have not finshed the story yet but from what I have read I have found the stor. . .
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