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The Child's Elephant


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Away with words,
This book is written by a woman called Rachel Campbell Johnston this book is oka. . .
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Hawarden HS Page Movers, Flintshire
This book is about a baby elephant left in the savannah orphaned and alone. A yo. . .
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Emily M
Kirkburton Middle School, West Yorkshire
The Childís Elephant is about a young African boy called Bat who finds a baby el. . .
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Miss H
Truffle Hunters,
I tried really hard to get over the title of this book and the fact that I didn. . .
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King Edward VII School, Norfolk
'The Child's Elephant' is a tale of two children fighting to survive and an e. . .
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skye 7APS
Crown Woods School, Ashdown Book Appreciation society , Eltham
In my opinion I think that the childís elephant book was really good but yet ver. . .
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The Holt School Carnegie Readers,
The Child's Elephant is set in Africa and based on a true story. It's about a . . .
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Stratton Reading Club, Bedfordshire
Words cannot describe how good this book is. Just read it. 5 stars. . .
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Canons High School, England
Bat was an amazing character in this book as well as Meya. This is one of the re. . .
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Gobstoppers, London
Boring, boring and more boring I didnít like the childís elephant it was boring. . .
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