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Friday 25 February: We are currently upgrading the 'Group Leaders' section of the website. You will not be able to register or log in during this time.

Welcome to the Librarians and Teacher’s area of the CILIP Carnegie and Greenaway shadowing web site. The shadowing scheme invites children and young people to read the shortlisted books, assess them by the same criteria used by the librarian judges, and share their views with other reading groups.

If you are new to the scheme, the first thing you need to do is register using the online form.

The winners of the 2009 Medals were announced on 25 June.

The shortlists for the 2010 Medals will be available from late April 2010. In the meantime you may like to use this year’s shortlists as a practice run or read and review past winning books from the Living Archive. You can also find visual literacy and reader activities in the Resources area of this site.

Please familiarise yourself with this area of the website – it contains information and resources to help you run your shadowing group. For example, the ideas section suggests a range of activities you can do which are linked to shadowing.

If you want to publicise shadowing within your school or library you can download bookmarks, membership cards, certificates and templates and NEW in 2009 there are also downloadable door hangers. You can also find some advice on publicising your group in your local press.

You can find advice on how to get hold of the books in the book supply section.

Finally, you may also want to explore the Living Archive, where you can write reviews and tag all past winning books. There are free Reading Resources available, designed to encourage readers to explore and interact with past winners.

If you have registered for the scheme you should have already received a letter or an e-mail message giving you a username and password.

These enable you to login and make changes to your group details. If you do not have your username and password, please e-mail ckg@cilip.org.uk.

If you haven't already registered your Shadowing Group for the scheme register your group online now.