Winning Year: 1985
Illustrator: Juan Wijngaard
Title: Sir Gawain and the Loathly Lady

Original Publisher: Walker
Current Publisher:
Out of print

This romantic version of a tale from the Arthurian Round Table seethes with suspense. A hideous woman saves King Arthur's life, but she demands a terrible payment.

Visual Literacy Pack (PDF)



Juan Wijngaard's mother was a painter, so art materials were commonplace in his house and drawing was just something they did. At school he enjoyed drawing, "I was not very good at anything else, and eventually it became the thing I loved above all else."

He spent his first year out of school working in an office. It was there that he learnt the valuable lesson - don't waste your life doing something if your heart is not in it. So he applied to join an art school "my first two applications were rejected, but I managed to find a place eventually. I got my first commission, to illustrate a children's book, while I was still at art school."


Amanda S


I love the illustrations in this book - it really brings the story to life for me. The Loathly Lady really IS loathly in appearance and Sir Gawain looks every inch the gallant knight. Beautiful, rich colours that make you want to linger long on every page!

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