Ask The Author

Jackie Morris

The Lost Words

How long did it take to write and illustrate the book?
West Buckland School Prep 4, Age 9

It is always a little hard to give an exact time as a lot of ideas happen in your head before you actually start writing them down.
But maybe around 2 months altogether?

Did anyone inspire you to be an illustrator, if so who was it?
Cody, 11

I think all of the books I read as a child inspired me to be an illustator.
Eric Carle's - The Very Hungry Caterpillar was definitely high on my list when I was a child.
I was also very lucky that my art teachers always encouraged me to be an artist.

Are you right or left handed?
West Buckland School Prep 4, Age 9

Right handed

What inspired you to make a book about animals?
Millie, 9

I just love animals ... all of them ... even though I am a little scared of some of them. :-) I sometimes find it easier to use animals to portray an idea in a book.

When did you start writing and illustrating books and how did you start?
Scarlett, 9

I made my first proper picture book in 1993 after my studies - many years ago, when I was 24.
I was very lucky because a children's book publisher discovered my work at my degree show and offered me my first book.
But I always made up stories and images, even when I was your age - so I guess that I did start much younger!
Art and languages were always my favourite subjects at school and I decided to study illustration at art school.