Debi Gliori
Night Shift

Hot Key Books (10+)

9781471406232 (hardback)

A unique visual exploration of depression and anxiety and how these conditions can isolate sufferers of all ages. Night Shift offers insight, hope and a release from stigma.

This small book is a visual jewel. Its silvery, feathered endpapers frame a beautifully- illustrated narrative which offers respite from the inexorable cycle of depressive illness. Dragons are used throughout to represent depression: they suppress language, lay indiscriminate waste and cannot be outrun. Gliori’s command of technical execution is balanced on each page by subtlety, warmth and hope. Largely monochrome drawings flare into a dragon’s breath of fierce colour, but the abiding image is the feather of hope, ‘neither black, nor all white’.


Debi Gliori has been shortlisted for multiple prizes including the Kate Greenaway Award twice, for Mr. Bear to the Rescue (1997) and Always and Forever (2003), and also the Scottish Arts Council Award. She was the Shetland Islands' first Children's Writer-in-Residence. She has written and illustrated No Matter What, The Trouble With Dragons, Stormy Weather, The Scariest Thing of All, What's the Time, Mr Wolf?, Dragon Loves Penguin and, most recently, Alfie in the Bath and Alfie in the Garden as well as the popular Pure Dead fiction series for older readers. She lives in Scotland.

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