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Exeter School
Exeter, Devon

Book chat
Well done to Elizabeth for writing this week's star review. We started discussing the books in more detail this week, and we focused on character. One of our favourite characters is Agent Carlyle in "After the Fire". He seems to really care about Moonbeam and responds to her in a heartfelt way. Next week we will talk about the settings and how they influence the stories.
Posted on: 15 May 2018

Books vs Films...which one first?
Hello, Check out the new poll. Think of things like: Harry Potter, Murder on the Orient Express, The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings for examples of books that are also films.
Posted on: 02 May 2018

Book loving
Reading has been fun and I can't wait to keep doing more reviews. Loving every book that I read and I can't wait to decide our final judgement. I have loved the little conversations that I have been having with teaches in lessons and clubs about these books. It is not just about reading, it is also about the sociability that comes with it. I will be sad when it is over and so make the most of it while we still can ;)
Posted on: 02 May 2018

Reading on ...
We're all busy reading our way through the shortlist, and meeting weekly to discuss the books we've read. We had another vote to see which books we are enjoying the most. The winner was "After the fire", followed by "Where the world ends" and "The hate u give". We've been writing reviews as well. Well done to Peter for being our first star reviewer.
Posted on: 01 May 2018

Getting started
We met for the first time at the end of March and looked at the books on the shortlist. We were encouraged to judge a book by its cover, and chose which book we would most like to read first from the front covers, blurbs and first pages. The most popular books were Wed Wabbit, After the Fire and Where the World Ends.
Posted on: 27 Apr 2018

New poll
Just letting you all know that I have updated the poll. Joe
Posted on: 10 Apr 2018