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Lyng Hall Readers

SAINT DEATH: a book about life
Saint Death, a book written by Sedgwick that captures immaculately what people's lives can be like without being too over exaggerated. By reading Saint Death, it makes the you as the reader envision and contemplate your lifestyle compared to others around the world. Subsequently, it teaches you lessons about life. "Remember this: every man has to find out for himself in what particular fashion he can be saved." This quote implies that you have jurisdiction over your life, including people who have similar lifestyles to the characters in the book. A reoccurring and important aspect of the book is the character 'Saint Muerte', a goddess like figure that people worship. People show their faith in Muerte by giving her offerings. Common offerings within the book are money, cigarettes and coloured candles. Moreover, she's a skeletal female where there's estimated to be 10-12 million devotees showing that show her popularity and power. Sedgwick even stated that when he first started the book, he intended for it to be a funny and comical book until he heard about Saint Muerte. This shows how regional and other distinct faiths can change other people's opinions. This was an excellent insight into the lives of Mexicans, chasing the American Dream and in a time when Mexican Immigrant is on the lips of many Americans, Saint Death is so relevant to our lives today.
Posted on: 22 May 2018

Beyond The Bright Sea Review
I liked this book because it shows how curious but also determined different people can be, for example the main character called Crow. She was placed on a boat as a newborn baby then pushed out to sea, where she was found and raised by a man called Osh. Osh is genuinely a caring person but can be secretive towards others, even those closest to him. Furthermore, Crow was also raised by Miss Maggie who can be stern at times but shows her bright side to few people. As Crow gets older she starts to wonder where she came from and why, so she sets out to Penikese, a island where nobody goes because of a body deforming disease. Along her journey she meets new people and new discoveries but almost loses everything.
Posted on: 09 May 2018