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Christ's Shadowers

Basically, we've been doing a lot of reviews and generally milling about Carnegie-wise. We finally edited our video and uploaded it today, so you can hear our views as well as read them. We began a new poll on favourite lead characters - why not add your vote?
Posted on: 22 May 2019

After the chocolate...
So, we had the Easter holidays to kick-start our reading and really get going with our shadowing. Books went out fast - some were in high demand, so not so much so. But they were all borrowed and taken off to be pored over during the two week Easter break. Today we met and spent some time arranging the book covers in order of preference. The two overall winners were A Skinful of Shadows and The Land of Neverendings, with Bone Talk and The House with Chicken Legs coming in closely behind, We played a game where we chose a single word to describe the book covers and titles - I wonder if you can work out which book had 'Sinister', 'Dark', 'Moody' and Terrifying' as its selected adjectives? We also took our Shadowing Group 2019 photo which you can see on our group home page. We look fine!
Posted on: 07 May 2019