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Oakgrove Mad Hatters
Oakgrove, Milton Keynes

Quiz Fun!
Today we made our shadowers choices, swapped books and had a crazy book quiz - all in an hour! Poet X has come out on top and is being widely read by many students, not just those in the Mad Hatters Book Group. Spreading the word!!!
Posted on: 05 Jun 2019

Mysterious Blogger (Aden)
Hi I?m the new blogger for today. We did some great things today - we had a special and fun meeting and we were able to write book reviews about what you liked and disliked In the book and if we saw any patterns or interesting quotes and we discussed them. We laughed a lot doing activities on the Carnegie series (booklets and word searches ?my favourite? (not) and the most important out of these three things WE ATE BISCUITS!!!! 😊 there are lots of us now (24 OF US WE ARE GETTING BIGGER WERE HUMONGOUS NOW) this is the misterioso blogger signing off (for now)☹.
Posted on: 15 May 2019

Azeem - blogs away!
Book club is the most amazing club in the whole universe(s). You will be cursed forever if you do not go to it. Join NOW!!! You will learn about books, how to sort them, different types and infinitely more!! You get help from miss if you need help finding and choosing a book that captures your attention. You learn lots of a different variety of authors such as Malorie Blackman, Alan Gibbons, Rick Riordian, J.K Rowling, Anna Swell and many others. The most important thing about the Mad Hatters Book Club (apart from being really crazy such as me) is fun. There is a gigantic treasure chest of fun in the club.
Posted on: 13 May 2019

William le unfortunate blogger
We now have 21 members. Whooooo. That?s more than 20! Today, we have been discussing the Carnegie awards (is that how you spell it because I?m not sure?) and we had a vote upon which shortlisted book was our favourite; it was very useful that the score ended up one for each of them. That left the power to decide which book was our favourite in my hands, but - unfortunately - I abstantained accidentally (possibly because I was reading at the time on the really nice chair which, despite being all mine, is probably be occupied by an annoying year nine called Hannah which is also my sister?s name). The only reason that I would have stood though, is because Harry nominated me and Hannah approved - not my little sister, the other one. I don?t know if I have written enough yet, but, seeing as it is almost the end of lunch and I?m being told to log off so bye!
Posted on: 01 May 2019

We are off!
Our reading group the Mad hatters have entered the wonderful world of Carnegie Shadowing. At our meeting yesterday Year 7 student Azeem acted as chairperson and went through the agenda in his own inimitable style! We have all made sure that we have some amazing reads for the Easter holidays and will be back with our reviews in a couple of weeks.
Posted on: 04 Apr 2019