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Chorlton High School Reading Group
Group status: We are reading the Carnegie and Greenaway books over the rest of the summer term. We will be voting for our particular favourites and wondering what the winner will be!

There are two Reading Groups this year, made up of year 7 to 9 students. We are really excited about reading the books. This page is a chance to write reviews and let others know what we think!

St Bede's College
Whalley Range LRC Group
Whalley Range 11-18 High School

What is your favourite so far from the Greenaway Shortlist?

You're Safe With Me
The Day War Came
The Wolf, The Duck and The Mouse
The Lost Words
Ocean Meets Sky
Suffragette: The Battle For Equality
Beyond The Fence
Julian Is A Mermaid
Title: The Sleeper and the Spindle
Author: Neil Gaiman
Illustrator: Chris Riddell
Winning Year: 2016

On the eve of her wedding, a young queen sets out to rescue a princess from an enchantment. She casts aside her fine wedding clothes, takes her chain mail and sword and follows her brave dwarf retainers into the tunnels under the mountain towards the slee