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Group status: The books this year are really good!
This year the two reading groups are Year 8 and Year 9 from our school. This year, all the books are quite funny and entertaining, and we are glad to have them. In Year 8 we have 4 people: Adrien is from France, Frank is from America, Seongbin is from South Korea and Surabi is from India. Ms.Sheehan is our teacher for this project, and we are very happy she decided to do this for this year, and that we have all these books to read.

Which is your favorite character

Baba Jaga
Title: Whispers in the Graveyard
Author: Theresa Breslin
Winning Year: 1994

Cam Renton was on his third voyage, sailing to Barbados. He is just sixteen and a sea-going apprentice in the Merchant Navy with one years experience and three still to do. He has four years of study and practice in seamanship with a second mate's ticket