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Knowetop Primary School
Group status: Had a great group meeting yesterday! Anyone got any interesting plots in their novels if so write on the blog!

Knowetop Primary's fabulous 2018 book club

We are the Knowetop Book Club. We love to read and share our knowledge on books! We are currently meeting at Monday lunch time in our new library. We have a great blog so check it out and vote on our poll and see what other people are reading.

Emily McC

Taylor Reading Icons.
In the Shadows
Wishaw, North Lanarkshire
Bellshill Academy Bookies
Main Street, Bellshill
St Ambrose High School
How many books have you read for the book club

Eight or more
Title: His Dark Materials: Book 1 Northern Lights
Author: Philip Pullman
Winning Year: 1995

When Lyra's friend Roger disappears, she and her daemon, Pantalaimon, are determined to find him. The ensuing quest leads them to the bleak splendour of the North, where armoured bears rule the ice, witch-queens fly through the frozen skies and a team of


Will Hill
Will Hill worked as a bartender, bookseller and in publishing before quitting to write full-time. His first novel, Department 19 the first in a series of five was published in 2011 to widespread acclaim. He lives in London and wrote an amazing book call