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Skinners' Kent Academy Shadowers
Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Group status: Eagerly discussing our favourite books every Monday! Reviews up and more to come soon.

Shadowing group watching Patrick Ness' interview

Year 7s, 8s and 9s are participating this year.

Jenny Vaughan

Where the World Ends by Mr Green
'Where the World Ends' is a claustrophobic adventure about a boy called Quill who becomes stranded on a dangerous island in the North Atlantic sea. . . .
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Rook by Maisie
Rook is exciting and you never know what will happen next. Every time you turn the page there is an exciting new secret to be undiscovered and be told . . .
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The Hate U Give by Ciara
I think The Hate You Give is a very good book. The characters leap off the page and sentences flow properly. This book gives you a real in depth exper . . .
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Release by Ella
I didnít like this book because it is aimed at older people and not us. Also it had a load of words in a different language that I didnít understand I . . .
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Saint Death by Audrey
I did not like the book because it had far to much description and was difficult for me to understand. It is hard to understand because of the complic . . .
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Release by Ella
I totally recommend this book. It has a strong plot and it is an absolutely fantastic book If you want to read a good book read this one???????????? . . .
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Wed Wabbit by Molly
After the fire is a very heartfelt book and the book is written from a point of view where you feel like you can feel what Moonbeam is going through a . . .
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Release by Dilly
Amazing, absolutely brilliant. Lovely plot line, strong emotion and even though it was set over one day I did not find that it dragged on. I loved it. . . .
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After the Fire by Mrs Moeller
This is a powerful story of the corruption of the mind, set in a fictional religious cult in Texas. Those of us old enough do of course remember the W . . .
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After the Fire by Ella
I really like this book because it would slowly reveale another part of the book. At one point in the book, it actually made me cry. This book was ver . . .
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Beyond the Bright Sea by Mr Green
'Beyond the Bright Sea' is an adventure that follows the story of Crow, a young girl that is searching for meaning in her life. When Crow was just . . .
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Rook by Ella
I think Rook is a good book because for about 5 pages it talks about a roook and then the rest of the book itís based on a teenage boy. The plot is a . . .
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Beyond the Bright Sea by Freya
I couldnít put the book down at all because it is so interesting and I love adventuress. I love it so much because itís about a girl who is trying to . . .
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Beyond the Bright Sea by Molly
Beyond the bright sea is an amazing book, it has so much description and the storyline is so strong. Crow, the main character is so determined to find . . .
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The Hate U Give by Bella
I thought this book was incredible. I couldnít put it down! I was so engaged in the plot and characters, especially Starr. Definitely my favourite so . . .
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Wed Wabbit by Ciara
I really enjoyed Wed Wabbit but it wasnít funny like it said on the blurb. Even though it wasnít funny it was still enjoyable. I would definitely reco . . .
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The Hate U Give by Molly
The Hate U Give is an amazing book, it is quite engaging at the beginning but then it gets stronger throughout the storyline. It really gives you a . . .
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Beyond the Bright Sea by Ella
This book was amazing. I liked the setting because it wasnít just in one place it was set in a lot of different places. The plot was amazing. I love t . . .
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After the Fire by Audrey
This book may be long and hard to read but as you get through it the plotline shapes and it all makes sense. I would strongly recommend this book if y . . .
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Rook by Mrs Moeller
I was surprised to see a Barrington Stoke title shortlisted for the Carnegie Medal, but having read it I can appreciate why. Although a relatively sim . . .
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Where the World Ends by Mrs Moeller
This book requires perseverance! Set in 18th century St. Kilda, an island group off the Scottish western coast, the language and terminology required . . .
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After the Fire by Jenny.
The first thing I can say is: I loved this book! My favourite aspect of After the Fire was the mental journey that the book took me through, not onl . . .
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Rook by Dilly
I really like the book, however the transitions were very snappy and the story was very blunt. I did feel very bad for the boy in some parts of the bo . . .
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Wed Wabbit by Dilly
It was great, the characters were a bit weird but overall it was funny and had a great story line. Out of 10 I rate Wed Wabbit - 10/10, it was am . . .
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Holmewood Shadowers
Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Tunbridge Wells Girls Grammar
Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Rose Hill School
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Which book would you most like to give an alternative book cover?

Where the World Ends
After the Fire
Wed Wabbit
Saint Death
The Haye U Give
Beyond the Bright Sea
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Title: The Bunker Diary
Author: Kevin Brooks
Winning Year: 2014

16-year-old Linus Weems has woken up in a low-ceilinged rectangular building, made entirely of whitewashed concrete, with no windows and no doors. The lift is the only way out. But this time when the lift comes, it isn't empty.


Will Hill

Will Hill worked as a bartender, bookseller and in publishing before quitting to write full-time. His first novel, Department 19 ‚Äď the first in a series of five ‚Äď was published in 2011 to widespread acclaim. He lives in Londo . . .



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