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Group status: Currently reading and reviewing.
We might be a small group but we're all big readers and we get along well. All types of books are popular with our group, but: Adventure, Fantasy, Romance, Horror and Mystery/Detective books tend to be the most read. We meet up on a Thursday 'A' week in the Learning Resource Centre to read and have a chat, sometimes there's food too and that makes everyone happy! On those days when the LRC is shut for meetings we move the fun over to E7. In our opinion, we're one of the best reading clubs in the world!

What is your favourite book series?

Harry Potter
Skulduggery Pleasant
Frankie Foster
Alex Rider
The Hunger Games
Noughts and Crosses
Title: The Turbulent Term of Tyke Tiler
Author: Gene Kemp
Winning Year: 1977

Tyke is best friends with Danny Price and wherever they go, trouble isn't far behind. Their exploits during their last term at Cricklepit drive the Head to despair and provide a few surprises for the reader. An oldie but a goodie - our group leader stu