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Cromwell CC
Chatteris, CAMBS
Group status: Ready Steady Read!

2019 is the eighth year Cromwell Community College have taken part in the Carnegie Award! We are a large group of happy readers, ranging from Year 7 - Year 10. We meet every Week between 1.45pm & 2.15pm! We eat a lot of biscuits :) and talk about books!

Mrs Harding

The Land of Neverendings by Bethany T
I enjoyed this book because it hooks the reader in. Emily has a sister that sadly passed away and her toys have come to life.Her next door neighbour . . .
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The Poet X by Jack
This book is good because it is about a teenage girl whose mum wants her to be a christian but she doesn't want to. Another part of the story is that . . .
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The Land of Neverendings by Lucy
I really enjoyed the book because it made you think about things that you might take for granted. I liked the book because the toys came to life and h . . .
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The House with Chicken Legs by Summer
This book is the best I've read since the midnight gang by David Walliams, maybe better! The whole story is outstanding and very creative. I would rec . . .
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Things A Bright Girl Can Do by Katie-Rae
I like this book because it is interesting and I like the way it tells me the story in the perspectives of all the characters. However, I find that I . . .
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The Land of Neverendings by Samantha
This book is really good it's like a funny / sad movie I think people who are year 5 and above would enjoy this book. It is about a girl called Emily . . .
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The Poet X by Bethany W
This book was amazing I loved every second reading this. It was so easy to read because it was all in poems and I found it so interesting. Seeing how . . .
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Bone Talk by Crystal
I read this every day at bedtime, I love the dark feeling to it but it is also adventurous and exciting to read. . . .
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Long Way Down by William
I found this book very entertaining, however it is quite emotional I would recommend this book to people aged 10 and upwards as it is a bit sad I hope . . .
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St Anne's CofE Primary
NWA Readers
Huntingdon Junior School
Huntingdon, Cambs
When do you read?

At bedtime
At breakfast time
Only on holiday
When I am sad
When I am happy
Only at the weekend
Every moment I can
Title: Watership Down
Author: Richard Adams
Winning Year: 1972

"We've got to go away before it's too late." Fiver could sense danger. Something terrible was going to happen to the warren - he felt sure of it. So did his brother Hazel, for Fiver's sixth sense was never wrong. They had to leave the warren, and