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BGS Shadowers
Welling, Kent
Group status: Week 4 - Videos and now we are freaking out because we don't have enough time to read all the books!!!!

The Brilliant and Bonkers BGS Shadowers

Our new group is underway! Hope all had a great Easter!!!

Grace (site), Joe (poll), Holly , Zaid (blog)

The Poet X by Amélie
I LOVED THIS BOOK! I love the fact that it is written in verse; it makes it all the more interesting and adds to the atmosphere of the book. Emotional . . .
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The House with Chicken Legs by Mattia
An amazing story . Compared to the Baba Yaga legend this was 50x better I’d never thought of looking at the story from the point of view of her descen . . .
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Long Way Down by Holly
This is an great yet sad book, it shows the hard-ship of a huge loss in a gun-crime ridden environment. It is heart-wrenching when you find out tha . . .
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Things A Bright Girl Can Do by Sophie
I really enjoyed Things A Bright Girl Can Do. It is about three girls all involved in the suffragette movement, and you follow each of their different . . .
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The Poet X by Holly
This book is really good, it is all in a poem format, this makes it much easier to read. I had never read a book like this before and I found it surpr . . .
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The House with Chicken Legs by Laraneya
The book was interesting and I really liked it .I think it is good for all age groups and not at all boring. . . .
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Long Way Down by Samuel
Excellent, fandabidozy. Really well written; I like the fact that it's written in verse. Really interesting, heartfelt story. Quite a quick read... Re . . .
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Streatham and Clapham High Junior School
Beckenham TRG
Beckenham, Kent
Laycock Primary
Holloway Hero's
What is your favorite type of cow?

Simon Cowell
22% (4 votes)

Munch Bunch cow
11% (2 votes)

Title: Monsters of Men
Author: Patrick Ness
Winning Year: 2011

The third and final volume in the "Chaos Walking Trilogy" finds three armies marching on New Prentisstown, each intent on destroying the others. Todd and Viola are caught in the middle with no chance of escape or, it seems, of stopping the fighting. But


Frances Hardinge

Frances Hardinge spent her childhood in a huge old house that inspired her to write strange stories from an early age. She read English at Oxford University, then got a job at a software company. She described her books as 'monster hybrids.'



Townley Grammar School