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ABC International School
Binh Hung,
Group status: More Than This topped our poll ... closely followed by When Mr Dog Bites and Buffalo Soldier.

The Fiesta en la Biblioteca Reading Group (ABCIS HCMC Branch) - changing people's perceptions of reading ... and practising the Fleshtones Powerstance!!

The ABC International School Reading Group – a force for good, a force for righteousness, a force for promoting the wonders of reading and good books, and a force for enjoying cakes, biscuits and any other sweet accoutrements that dentists recommend you don’t eat. We are ambassadors of soul … self-styled heir-apparents to the mighty Fleshtones quest to bring pure New York rock ‘n’ roll to Vietnam’s masses … and more importantly we are fine purveyors of insightful, constructive, and only occasionally, scurrilous opinions on all things to do with teenage and young adult literature. And did I mention that we like sampling cake? This year we have been thoroughly enjoying the shortlist of books on offer … debates have been heated and passionate, and opinions have been forthright and honest … and that is just when arguing about the flavour of next week’s cake. Arguing about the books themselves has resulted in bloody war and mayhem … the library has been left in even more of a shambles than it usually is and the librarian looks equally shambolic too. No change there, then. All that’s left is to await the result and see who wins. We’re very excited … much the same anticipation, in fact, as listening to Green On Red for the first time.

Mr Jon ... on his bicycle ...

What is the most important feature in a good book?

All three of the above
Any of the above as long as they are accompanied by cake and a cup of tea
Title: Bog Child
Author: Siobhan Dowd
Winning Year: 2009

We love this book! Even my mum loved it ... which, in itself, makes it a resounding success and a worthy Carnegie winner!


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