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Hanwell Fields Wednesday
Banbury, Oxfordshire
Group status: 1st Meeting Wednesday 25th April

This is us with our favourite books

In our group we do: lots of amazing pieces of beautiful art work, write the most best stories with our creative minds, read the most popular, fantastic books and lots more incredible activities that will entertain anyone!

Town is by the Sea by Tilly
Town is by the sea is kind of sad because the Dad is going to work under the sea.So it is very sad and his Grandad died so he goes and sees his Granda . . .
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Wed Wabbit by Thando
I have not read much of it but it is a really funny and I have heard a bit from Lisa Evan. . . .
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Night Shift by myla
This book is quite emotional because the girl feels sad.That was because she felt like a dragon was following her.The girl look very poorly so we thou . . .
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The Song from Somewhere Else by Olivia
The Song From Somewhere Else is a very sad book.It is about a girl called Frank who is bullied and feels very devastated about it, being bullied makes . . .
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King of the Sky by Tilly
I think that it is quite sad. When the Grand Father was ill when he had breathing problems, but he had a nice friendship with the little boy. . . . .
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Night Shift by Olivia
This book is for people aged 8+ because it is very scary and about a girl with depression.In my opinion, it is for people interested in peoples' lives . . .
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Night Shift by Amanda
I like this book because it's like a diary and the dragon is the illness in it,and helps her describes how she felt. It has lots of feelings and emoti . . .
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King of the Sky by Ziyad
I think this book is a very lovely read. It is about a man and his birds who all go on a big adventure... the moral is an important one too. It is tha . . .
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Where the World Ends by Myla
Where the world ends is for around Year 3 and over because its quite big and has some tricky words like picturesque.The question is where does the wor . . .
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Night Shift by Hannah
Night shift is for 6 and over because there are tricky words.I think night shift is a dark book because it is emotional but it is a very good book. . . .
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Town is by the Sea by Thando
Town by the sea is a bit of an emotional book and it is dull. I think it is for a 7-9 book because it has not that many hard words and it is nearly li . . .
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Hanwell Explorers Thursday
Banbury, Oxfordshire
Tudor Hall School
St Joseph's book club
Banbury School
Which is your favourite book?

A first book of animals.
King of the sky.
Night shift.
Under the same sky.
Town by the sea.
The song from somewhere else.
Title: This Is Not My Hat
Illustrator: Jon Klassen
Winning Year: 2014

When a tiny fish shoots into view wearing a round blue topper, which happens to fit him perfectly, trouble could be following close behind. So it's a good thing that enormous fish won't wake up. And even if he does, it's not like he'll ever know what