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KSA Secondary
Kettering, Northants
Group status: Welcome to Carnegie 2017! We hope to try some new books, have a debate, eat some biscuits, choose a personal favourite and then try and guess the winner!
We are a bunch of outgoing, funny and amazing pupils who all attend Kettering Science Academy. We are a mix of years, who all enjoy reading and can't wait to read this years shortlisted books.

Mrs Economou

KSA Primary
Kettering, Northants
Kettering Buccleuch Academy
Kettering, Northants
Edward Boaden
Latimer Arts College
Where would you most like to read a book?

On a desert island in a hammock
On a sunny beach with a mocktail
On top of a mountain, with snow all around
Relaxing in a big comfy chair with biscuits and hot chocolate
In a corner where no one can find you
Title: The Bunker Diary
Author: Kevin Brooks
Winning Year: 2014

16-year-old Linus Weems has woken up in a low-ceilinged rectangular building, made entirely of whitewashed concrete, with no windows and no doors. The lift is the only way out. But this time when the lift comes, it isn't empty.


Bishop Stopford School