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Mandeville Morphemes
St Albans, Herts
Group status: We love to read!

We are the Mandeville Morphemes - children who love to read from Y3-Y5 and we meet in our two groups once a week to eat lunch together, read, talk and share our own creative writing in our journals. The lower KS2 group is led by Mrs Cooper who is a bit obsessed with Shakespeare. This site is great because it means we can read something else! Katie leads the Y5 crew who are all so talkative it's amazing they find time to read! Here you can see us visiting our local Waterstones where we created a display for Nicola Davies' book 'The Promise.'

Loreto College
St Albans,
Verulam Readers
If you could be any of these letters which would you choose?

Z the Zimmer Frame
3% (2 votes)

L for Lola the Lollipop
8% (5 votes)

X - the X-ray gone wrong
2% (1 vote)