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Churchill Academy
NR Weston-S- Mare,
Group status: A New Group has started - all very excited

Our new 2014 group has just started. Lots of new faces from year 7 and 8. Our first meeting on the 27thof March. Some of us took out our first books already!

Karianna Sweet, Joe Bunce

Things A Bright Girl Can Do by Faye
I loved this book! It was very hard to put down and i loved how there were two stories. I also felt like i learnt a lot about the suffragettes from th . . .
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Things A Bright Girl Can Do by Molly
I think this was a very good book! I loved how the book was based about the suffragettes and history. It was very clever to use two stories and it mad . . .
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The Land of Neverendings by Molly
I loved this book! Even though it may be thought of as slightly young for our age group, I think because of the story in the real world it worked real . . .
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Things A Bright Girl Can Do by Lois
I think this was my favourite book in the collection. I enjoyed how it was a mix of fact and fiction (like the protests). I found that some of the sce . . .
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The House with Chicken Legs by Martha
I found The House with Chicken Legs very interesting. Although it is not something I would usually read, as I got into it I did enjoy it. I loved seei . . .
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A Skinful of Shadows by Charlotte
Personally, I enjoyed the book. It was quite a surprise to find out that it took place in the English Civil War, as hardly hint of that is in the cove . . .
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Long Way Down by Lois
After an interesting start, I really enjoyed Long Way Down. I found that I really liked the way Reynolds had incorporated the dead characters into the . . .
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Carnegie Book Shadowing
Kings Shadowing Group
Cheddar , Somerset
Library Club
North Somerset,
Sidcot School
N Somerset,
What do you think about joining the Carnegie book group?

I can't wait to get reading!
I'm really excited
I think its a challenge that I'm going to take!
I'm a bit worried
I don't think i can read all the books in time
I think I'll make some new friends in this group!
I just joined so I could read more books
I just did it, and i think that cakes would be great!
Title: Maggot Moon
Author: Sally Gardner
Winning Year: 2013

A ruthless regime is determined to beat its enemies in a race to the moon. But when his best friend Hector is suddenly taken away, it is up to unlikely hero Standish, his grandfather, and a small band of rebels, to confront and defeat the ever-present opp


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