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French International School

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A summary of our Carnegie vote June 24th was the day everyone had been waiting for. There was a group of about 25 of us, who had all read at least three of the seven books. We gathered in the library, eager to start. When everyone had gathered, including our principal, we began. Opinions and ideas were shared on every book. Everyone had a say of what they thought: what they liked, why they liked it why they didnâ??t like it. Finally, after all the books had been discussed, we talked some more over cakes and drinks. Then, the moment we had all been waiting for. The voting sheets were handed out. Who was to be the winner? We quickly scribbled our favourite books down. Some more cakes and drinks, and our winner was announced. We chose â??The Edgeâ? by Alan Gibbons, with â??Across the Nightingale Floorâ? â??Ruby Hollerâ? and â??Martyn Pigâ? being highly commended. Anastasia Craig Form 1