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Holbrook High School
Group status: Book Club happens every Wednesday lunchtime and our students have been avidly reading, discussing and reviewing the short-listed titles. This photo shows Holbrook H.S. and E. Bergholt H.S. students hotly debating which Carnegie Book should win the award.

Time for a rematch. We have invited East Bergholt Book Club to come and join us for the Big Carnegie Debate. Last year some heated discussions ensued. We had a fun day culminating in a very competitive Carnegie quiz.

Holbrook High School Book Club has been shadowing the Carnegie Awards for the past 9 years. We all enjoy reading and discussing the shortlist and inevitably many of us have our own particular favourite. Students are very passionate about their personal choice (whether good or bad!) and are fascinated to read other school students' opinions on the Carnegie website. We also have some anonymous people writing reviews as poems, even songs!

Carnegie Readers
Somersham Primary
Somersham, Suffolk
Gainsborough Library
Which author's books do you prefer - Darren Shan or Stepehnie Meyer?

Darren Shan
Stephenie Meyer
Title: Gorilla
Illustrator: Anthony Browne
Winning Year: 1983

Hannah loves gorillas but has never seen one. Her father's too busy to take her to the zoo - or for anything else come to that. For her birthday, Hannah asks her father for a gorilla - but is disappointed when she discovers that the gorilla she's been g