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Birkenhead High School Academy
86 Devonshire Place,
Group status: Reading as writers.

Ten years on and we're still going strong. We're a group of 15 worthy readers embarking on a mission to conquer the shortlisted Carnegie titles. We're sailing on open waters, sharing opinions and reviews of the books we read as a group with the aim to be "Readers as Writers". We're a literary crew on Flagship HMS BHSA! ...Was that a bit too much? Well, imagination is certainly one thing we are not lacking. Whoever said books were just for reading?

Ridgeway High School
Birkenhead School Carnegie Reading Group
St Anselm's Readers
BHSA Carnegie Group
Prenton, Wirral
Which book will be the winner?

When Mr. Dog Bites by Brian Conaghan
Apple and Rain by Sarah Crossan
Tinder by Sally Gardner
Cuckoo Song by Frances Hardinge
The Fastest Boy in the World by Elizabeth Laird
Buffalo Soldier by Tanya Landman
The Middle of Nowhere by Geraldine McCaughrean
More Than This by Patrick Ness
Title: The Bunker Diary
Author: Kevin Brooks
Winning Year: 2014

16-year-old Linus Weems has woken up in a low-ceilinged rectangular building, made entirely of whitewashed concrete, with no windows and no doors. The lift is the only way out. But this time when the lift comes, it isn't empty.