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Abingdon School
Group status: The 2015 Shadowers have decided which book they will be championing at the Abingdon Carnegie Forum.

Shadowers 2015

Shadowers meet every Monday lunchtime to discuss, argue, and share ideas about the shortlisted books. Abingdon Shadowers are part of a larger group called the Abingdon Forum, comprised of six local secondary schools. We had a great get together at St Helen's and St Katherine's School before the end of the Lent term and will be running shared events throughout the shadowing period and We're looking forward to the Carnegie Quiz in May; in June we'll have our Grand Forum where we vote for our winning book - which traditionally has always been different to the actual winner!

Капитальный ремонт квартиры

Горный мастер

Fitzharrys Shadows
Europa readers
Our Lady's Abingdon
Larkmead Secondary School
Who is your favourite character so far?

APPLE from Apple and Rain
CHARLOTTE / CHARLEY from Buffalo Soldier
TRISS from Cuckoo Song
SETH from More Than This
SOLOMON from The Fastest Boy in the World
COMITY from The Middle of Nowhere
OTTO from Tinder
DYLAN from Mr Dog Bites
Title: A Bundle of Ballads
Illustrator: William Stobbs
Winning Year: 1959

This is an illustrated collection of old ballads, that were originally told by minstrels and passed down the generations. The minstrels disappeared, but the stories they had sung were remembered by old country folk who remembered them from childhood.