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Howard Park / Whitcliffe Mount Reading Partners
West Yorkshire,
Group status: There are now Year 1, 2 and 9 students in our group, all enjoying some fabulous reading and activities.

Everyone's looking very happy to be involved with this year's Greenaway shadowing!

Everyone enjoyed our visit to Whitcliffe Mount for animal fun, especially the Year 9 Reading Leaders! We might just squeeze in an extra session before the end of term, to announce the winner.

Under the Same Sky by Camilla
This story is about different animals, but they all live under the same sky. I like this book because the illustrations give me good hopeful vibes an . . .
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Town is by the Sea by Lacey-May
The story is about a town near the sea. The story is about the life of a little boy. The people who work in the mine are underground. The other people . . .
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King of the Sky by Joshua
It is about a boy who is Italian and who is in England and can't understand anybody, then he meets a man who speaks very softly who he can understand. . . .
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The Song from Somewhere Else by Reviewer 1
I like this book because the pictures are so realistic. This story is about a girl that had lost her cat and people bully her but finally she finds on . . .
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Wyke Manor School
Whitcliffe Wordsmiths
West Yorkshire,
Appleton Readers
BBG Academy
Which book will we like best at our first meeting?

King of the sky
A first book of animals
The song from somewhere else
Night shift
Under the same sky
Town is by the sea
Title: Little Mouse's Big Book of Fears
Illustrator: Emily Gravett
Winning Year: 2008

Little Mouse is afraid of almost everything. We learn about all his phobias, from his fear of creepy crawlies to his fear of clocks, dogs, cats and shadows. The only thing that makes him feel better is that human beings actually seem to be afraid of him!