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North Durham Academy
Stanley, Co. Durham
Group status: We are the Stanley Shadowers, shadowing both the Carnegie and Kate Greenaway medals.

The Stanley Shadowers 2011

We are this year's Stanley Shadowers, a group of students who meet a couple of times a week to discuss the Carnegie Medal short-listed books. This is the seventh year our school has taken part in the scheme, every student who has participated, has really enjoyed the experience. For the last five years, we have also shadowed the Greenaway Medal. This year we have a small group of Year 7 students who are our Greenaway critics, examining the books to rate the use of colour, font size and whether or not the illustrations are relevant to the text. Some pupils take home the short listed books to read to their younger siblings and are helping to foster a love of reading in the younger generation!

Stanley library
Stanley, Co Durham
Tanfield School
Stanley, Co Durham
South Moor Library
Do you read for pleasure?

Yes, i love reading!
No, I only read when i have to
Title: Millions
Author: Frank Cottrell Boyce
Winning Year: 2004

Comedy is blended with real life drama in perfect balance, in this unique story of brothers Damian and Anthony who suddenly have to spend "millions" in seven days before the euro takes over from the pound. A gripping read with an exuberant plot that you