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Castel Bookaholics
Vazon, Castel,
Group status: we're sleeping

Introducing the Bookaholics. Back row from left to right: Grace who always cuddles a cushion when she reads at home, and would love her own library where books are not fingered by anyone else but her! Jo is into Zizou Corder with a vengeance and she alternates between a Carnegie short listed book and the next Lion Boy release. Evie looks normal but isnâ??t at all: sheâ??s half blind and is addicted, and I do mean addicted, to reading, she brings a novel to every lesson and the minute sheâ??s finished any task sheâ??s reading it. It has grieved me as an English Coordinator but I have actually had to confiscate her latest novel during maths!!! Emma (notice the shades) defining a bookaholic wrote: â??When you go into a bookaholicâ??s room all you can see is books, books and more books. Alice sprawled in the front, ace table tennis player, but in her quieter moments dreams one day of owning a house with one room entirely covered in bookshelves. Actually there are two more members of the club, Janet Jeffreys, a wacky classroom assistant, who hasnâ??t missed a meeting, except this one, and the reason? Sheâ??d reached a stage in a novel where she couldnâ??t put it down and stolen off to hide in a remote undisturbed area of the school to finish it!! I am behind the camera, the best place for me the rest think, and I am the â??slightlyâ?? greying, enthusiastic and unpredictable English Coordinator.