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Overton Grange School
Sutton, Surrey
Group status: Reading at the speed of books! (Is that even possible?)

The group :)

Hi - We are Overton Grange High School in Sutton, Surrey. We are a group of Y7 - Y9 students shadowing the Carnegie Medal. This is our tenth year and each year it gets better! We really enjoy doing it. We meet every Wednesday lunchtime in the library over lunch. We like that! We think there are quite a few interesting books on the shortlist this year and are looking foward to reading them, posting our reveiws, reading the reviews of other groups and finding out which book will win the Carnegie Medal! Maybe one year we will guess right!!


Glenthorne Booklings
Sutton, Surrey
Sutton Grammar School
Devonshire Bookworms
Sutton, Surrey
Sutton Central Library
Which books make you want to fall asleep?

Ghost Hawk
The Child's Elephant
Liar & Spy
The Wall
The Bunker Diary
Blood Family
All the Truth That's in Me
Title: Tamar
Author: Mal Peet
Winning Year: 2005

This is an enthralling and multi-layered novel that traces the story of two men caught up in secret operations in World War Two. It looks at the negative impact that war has on those involved and on succeeding generations. Guilt and its ramifications lie