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Stanbridge Stars
Group status: It's all over and we're sad it's finished. They have been lovely books and we can't wait to get them out of the library and read them again.

We're a new reading group made up of children from years 4, 5 and 6. We love to read Harry Potter, David Walliams and The Hunger Games. We like exciting, emotional, and sometimes funny books. And biscuits.

We have really enjoyed reading these books At first we were a bit disappointed to find out that all of the books were picture books, mainly because we associated picture books with younger children, but as we read them we found that pictures could tell stories in ways that words couldn't. For example, we found that in The Marvels the pictures at the end of the story could be interpreted in many different ways: as what happens next; as what might happen; as what the main character hopes will happen. While in The Journey, the pictures told parts of the story that they children narrators couldn't know. For example, one of the pictures showed that the mother, who the children think is never frightened, is also scared and sad.

Our favourite books overall were The Marvels, The Wolves of Currampaw, and The Wild Animals of the North. But we were still happy that The Journey won the Amnesty prize. We thought it was an important book, telling a story that is relevant to all of us.

Jenni Lewis

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What's most important to you when choosing a book?

A beautiful cover?
A mysterious title?
The number of pages? (Do you like long or short stories?)
The style of the artwork?
The blurb on the back?
The name of the author (do you like to read books by authors you already know)?