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Books with Biscuits 2018

Group status: Eating biscuits and reading books !

Kaia Murray

Beyond the Bright Sea by Jason
Beyond the Bright Sea is a great book and a pleasure to read. It's about a girl called Crow that got stuck on an island and she has a lot of questio . . .
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Rook by Kaia
This is a very good book and it's very hard to put down and the ending is very happy and I was very pleased with this book. . . .
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Where the World Ends by Kaia
I was very disappointed with this book I found it very boring. It was good at first and very exciting but then it got a bit boring. . . .
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Where the World Ends by Josh
I enjoyed Where the World Ends. I think this was due to fact that there was constant plot twists and mystery. I feel that the ending was satisfactory . . .
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After the Fire by Josh
I really enjoyed After The Fire. This was due to the fact that there was always a mystery to be solved a question to be asked about the plot of the bo . . .
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Rook by Josh
I was disappointed with Rook because I feel that the title was very inappropriate to the book. This is due to the fact that the title of the book sugg . . .
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Rook by Alfie
Rook Rook is about these two boys called Nicky and Kenny. While they are walking their dog Tina they see a Sparrow hawk and a Rook fighting to the . . .
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Rook by biranavi
Rook is a book about a boy called Nicky having a hard time in life. He and his little brother found a rook that was left to die. Nicky had doubts abou . . .
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Wed Wabbit by biranavi
The style of the book is appropriate for the subject and theme and the first voice keeps you involved in the story. The dialogue and the narrative wo . . .
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Dartford Grammar School
Royal Readers
leigh City Technology College
Dartford, Kent
Leigh City Technology College
Dartford, Kent
Which book have you liked the most so far?

Beyond the Bright Sea
Where the World Ends
After the Fire
The Hate U Give
Saint Death
Wed Wabbit
Title: One
Author: Sarah Crossan
Winning Year: 2016

Grace and Tippi are conjoined twins. And their lives are about to change. No longer able to afford homeschooling, they must venture into the world - a world of stares, sneers and cruelty. Will they find more than that at school? Can they find real friends