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Fagley Famous Five (+ one)
West Yorkshire,
Group status: we're reading lots of books! This week we are reading Under the same sky. We can't wait to write our reviews.

Hello, we are the Fagley famous five readers and we love to read books. We really enjoy reviewing the Kate Greenaway shortlisted books and looking closely at the illustrations.


Town is by the Sea by Murtaza
This book is about emotions and feelings. The boy's father works every day in the coal mine. The little boy, who misses his father, is sad and doesn't . . .
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Town is by the Sea by Aahil
Town Is By The Sea is simple book to read. It is all about a family who live in a seaside town. I Think this book is set in the 1970's and women are n . . .
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Night Shift by Aleena
The Night Shift is about a little girl who has an illness and is she always depressed. When the girl found out she was ill, her life changed into dark . . .
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Night Shift by Zarin
The book, which is called Night Shift, is about a girl who is feeling depressed. The pictures of the dragon show depression. The girl is poorly but sh . . .
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Fagley Book Busters
Respectful readers.
Rebel Readers
Bradford, West Yorkshire
Cavendish Crew
Who is your favourite author?

Roald Dahl
Jacqueline Wilson
J. K. Rowling
Michael Morpurgo
David Walliams