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Henry Box Book Club
Group status: Land of the Fortnite is an EPIC adventure through the Fortnite Map. Join Default and his friends Female Default and Black Default on their epic adventure to the Epic Victory Royale. However, John Wick has other ideas? An EPIC journey with your favourite c

The Book Club

On a small planet, a group emerged... THE BOOK CLUB! An elite force of knowledge and power that protects the solar system for those monsters who mix up 'your' and 'you're'. Disgusting. They meet every Monday at a council to discuss pressing matters such as the best Carnegie Shortlist. Such importance.. Members: Head Counselor: Mrs Jones Head Officers: Ro-Bean, Gray, Janseph and Molly (MIA) Captains: Caitlin and Jack Head Janitor: Angelica Mini Scout: Bethan Weapons Supervisors: Angelica and Nutty Bilbo Soldiers:Ava and Millis


The Land of Neverendings by Gray
The Land Of Neverendings is an unusual book, about the land of toys and where people go when they die. In is aimed at younger readers, and it's storyl . . .
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The House with Chicken Legs by Bethan
The House with Chicken Legs is a great book about a girl trying to escape her fate. Marinka's grandma (Baba) is a Yega, who guides spirits of the dead . . .
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The Poet X by Bean
Poet X is my favorite book so far. Xiomara is a 15 year old that writes down her feelings about her mother, twin, best friend and boys. She is a perso . . .
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Things A Bright Girl Can Do by Millis
I loved this book because it was full of adventure,love and independence. It is how two girls who come from completey different background fall in lov . . .
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Bone Talk by Bilbo
I think this book is really good and suitable for years 6+ This book is about a boy who wants to be a man but his tribe's beliefs mean he has to wai . . .
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Things A Bright Girl Can Do by Bethan
Things A Bright Girl Can Do a great book all about womans independence. Three girls (May,Nell and Evelyn) fight for their rights,even if it means gett . . .
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The Poet X by Gray
Poet X is a story that pulls you in, and once you start it, you won't be able to put it down! It's a moving coming of age story about finding your own . . .
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Things A Bright Girl Can Do by Caitlin ;-)
Things a bright girl can do is all about three girls fighting alongside there suffragette allies for women's independence. Evelyn wants to go to unive . . .
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Henry Box School
Witney, Oxon
Wood Green School
Which books has the best character personalities?

The Poet X
The House With Chicken Legs
Bone Talk
A Skinfull Of Shadows
Things A Bright Girl Can Do
Long Way Down
The Land Of Neverendings
Title: One
Author: Sarah Crossan
Winning Year: 2016

Grace and Tippi are conjoined twins. And their lives are about to change. No longer able to afford homeschooling, they must venture into the world - a world of stares, sneers and cruelty. Will they find more than that at school? Can they find real friends


Sally Nicholls
Sally Nicholls grew up in Stockton-on-Tees, and after school, traveled the world, working for a period at a Red Cross hospital in Japan. Sally's first novel, Ways to Live Forever, won the Waterstones Children's Book Prize and she . . .