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Wilmington Grammar School for Boys
Group status: Such tough decisions to be made, such good books.

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Our group consists of a fluctuating number of boys, from years 7-10, normally consisting of about 10, with myself and English teacher Ms Russell. Every year it is a struggle to get people to participate as Carnegie Shadowing always takes place in exam season. Despite this a few boys are already managing to work their way through the shortlisted books in good time. We meet every Friday lunch time to read and exchange views.

Things A Bright Girl Can Do by Shahid
This book is quite historical because it talks about the time when the suffragettes were around and fought for women's votes. It gets boring later on . . .
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The Land of Neverendings by Mark
This was quite a funny, exciting story, I think it is readable for all ages. It has an interesting climax when the imaginative toy world named 'Smocke . . .
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The Land of Neverendings by Ife
This book is one of a kind and very interesting. Not many stories involves medical stuff such as : disabilities, which makes it unique and very inspir . . .
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The Poet X by Ife
The story is very exciting, I love the way that the central protagonist, Xiomara, is portrayed as your usual teenager who has the art of poetry and is . . .
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The Land of Neverendings by Joshua
I enjoyed this book very much. It shows that imagination is key when it comes to most things and it is very touching to me because it portrays that yo . . .
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Things A Bright Girl Can Do by Mark
This book, was one of my favorites, although written in a historical sense which usually I should find boring. It outlines the struggles of the suffra . . .
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The House with Chicken Legs by Mark
Personally, this book wasn't really my style, however as the book progressed it gradually became more engrossing. In comparison to the protagonist in . . .
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The Poet X by Mark
A truly captivating read, the central protagonist Xiomara is presented as a person who is somewhat ignored, and dismissed by her parents. Throughout t . . .
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The House with Chicken Legs by Ben
‘The House with Chicken Legs’ was among one of my favourite books out of all of the 8 I have read in total. The plot was intriguing and the main chara . . .
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Wilmington Grammar School for Girls
Wilmington Academy
Title: Tamar
Author: Mal Peet
Winning Year: 2005

This is an enthralling and multi-layered novel that traces the story of two men caught up in secret operations in World War Two. It looks at the negative impact that war has on those involved and on succeeding generations. Guilt and its ramifications lie