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Book Buddies
Broughty Ferry,
Group status: We are reading and enjoying the shortlisted books.

Book Buddies in front of our Library

The Book Buddies are a reading group in Broughty Ferry, Scotland. We have recently split into two sections, junior (Age 8-11) and senior (Age 12-15). The Senior Group:- Our members are Lucy (X3), Niamh, Alyssa, Stella and Grace. Our favourite books are: Lucy M (14) - All the Harry Potters! Lucy W (14) - Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Stella (14) - Harry Potter and Order of the Phoenix by J K Rowling Grace (14) - The Wind on Fire Trilogy by William Nicollson. Alyssa (12) - Summer's Dream by Cathy Cassidy Lucy A (15) - 11.22.63 by Stephen King. The Junior group:- The Junior group was created because the seniors all got older and there was a need for the children's section. Our members are Rebecca, Ritchie, Amelia, Connie, Robbie, Aiden and Riley. We like reading mostly comedy books! Right now, we're reading lots of Michael Morpurgo books and we like doing puzzles, quizzes and games. Both groups are looking forward to shadowing The Carnegie and Greenaway awards!

Lucy.A / Lucy.W/Lucy. M

Baldragon Academy
Douglas Library
St John's High School
Central Library Chatterbooks
which fictional world would you like to live in?

harry potter
percy jackson
hunger games
star wars
real life
Title: I Will Not Ever Never Eat a Tomato
Illustrator: Lauren Child
Winning Year: 2000

Lola will not eat peas. In fact, she won't eat carrots, potatoes, mushrooms, eggs, sausages, cauliflower, cabbage or baked beans. And she will absolutely not eat a tomato. When Charlie discovers that peas are green drops from Greenland, and that carrots