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Clifton College Preparatory School
Clifton, Bristol
Group status: Getting excited!

E and E our small, but beautifully formed Shadowing group.

Ella and Esme are both budding readers now in Year 8. A totally awesome pair!

Bristol Grammar School
Cotham School
Bristol City Libraries
Clifton High School
Would you take part in the Carnegie Shadowing again next year?

Yes - Definately
Yes - Probably
No - Definately
Title: Just in Case
Author: Meg Rosoff
Winning Year: 2007

15 year old David Case thinks that fate is out to get him. There are so many things you could do in life such as reinvent yourself, change your name and the way you look; leave home and find yourself caught up in a series of strange misadventures and even


Clifton College Upper School (Percival Library)